Director: Issa Touma

study photography at Le Pont gallery Aleppo , and still working and show his work there .
he show his work in Denmark and Syria ,and Aleppo International photo festival, Nazem Art work received a good attention from internationals and nationals visitor .
Exile – Pictures of the workers who labors for more then 12 hours daily , with no time for outside interests , hobbies , vacations , or even to enjoy the simple pleasures life offers .
His characters eyes betray hesitance , umbrage , mistrust , and uncertainty of the future .
Although they pretend the opposite , they are an invisible community of workers .
We often do not see or feel them , we just hand them our orders .
Nazem Jawish has not have vacation in 15 years , he had to live with 250 other worker in the Exile that is called the Factory .those workers do not belong to the perfect utopian society .